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Emile's Knife - Halo Reach

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

"Now that's a Knife!" - Crocodile Dundee to Emile in a cross-over we didn't know we needed

Perhaps the reason our precious Emile bit the dust on Reach was because he simply had one. With the magic of 3D printing, feel free to make yourself enough Kukris to take down the entire covenant fleet!

After reading about all the major features below and my experience building it, please do yourself a favor and go purchase the model so that you can bring this legendary knife to life and I can continue to make model such as this


Major Features

Simplistic, Support Free Design

This is a great prop for starters. The only supports required are a minuscule amount on the inside of the handle. The blade slides into the handle and is further stabilized by the connecting rod. As with all of my props, the tolerances allow for secure assembly without sanding or filing.



With the right know-how this prop can be printed and painted all within a day. As mentioned above, there are virtually no supports or glueing required before the sanding process can begin. If you've been wondering how people get that glossy smooth finish on their 3d prints, consider viewing my tutorials on the topic and using the blade of this knife as practice.

Personally, I didn't go as far as adding clear coat and polish to this particular prop as I liked how it looked with a matte metallic look rather than a mirror like polish that I have on Pearl's Spear and Finn's Swords.

The handle can be annoying to sand in the grooves, but I gave it quick once over with some primer and sandpaper and relied on the Rust-Oleum Metallic brand of paints as it kind of fills in any rough visible layers that I missed in the sanding of the handle. I also applied a matte clear coat to the handle.

There are some visible scratches in my blade since I may have gone a little wild enjoying my new electric hand sander (game changer btw). However other than few character giving scratches, this blade gives plenty of opportunity to hone one's skill in the post-processing department. Especially, since if you mess up, you can print a new one in 2-3 hours. As you can see, no layers can be seen in the final print, which is ideally what you want.

Overall, this makes for a wonderfully quick, weekend-project.


What Next?

If you are looking to create you own models like this one feel free to checkout all of my tutorials on 3D modeling and prop making techniques.

If you are looking to purchase the model so that you can print your own you can find it in the store.

Lastly, make sure to check back in every once in a while to see what I've been working on

Thank you for your time

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