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Halo: Infinite Customizable Shoulder Armor

If you want a suit of Mjolnir armor as customizable as they are in the game, this is the first step towards your dream armor.

My inspiration for this project was I wanted to design armor that is modular and able to be modified on the fly. I started with the shoulder armor as that is one of the most notable features of any Mjolnir armor (next to helmets and chest pieces). I took every shoulder piece revealed in the Halo: Infinite Beta and added the ODST shoulder piece just as an extra treat. Later, I would like to add whatever shoulder pieces that show up in the full game as well as a pack for the Halo: Reach Shoulder Plates.


Major Features

Base Arm Attachment

This set features a 3-part main arm piece that all shoulder pieces bolt into. It is comprised of a main ring/tricep piece, a front bicep plate, and a side plate that features a middle bar that all shoulder pieces slide on top of, as well as two printable bolts that secures the shoulder plate. All three pieces fit together with 3D printable bolts that have smoothed heads to ensure the inside of the armor is completely smooth. The inside of the main arm armor is modeled to easily conform to someone's arm/padding. All three pieces features a channel for a strap to fit through in order to secure the armor to the wearers arm. Lastly, there are three separate outlet channels for the strap in order to fit several sizes of arms.

All shoulder plates fit on either the left or right arm.


The Agathius Armor features a multi-part design to ensure that sanding/painting/printing different pieces is made much easier. The Agathius shoulder is two main pieces fit together with two printable bolts. Agathius features an insert feature and bolt features to attach to the base arm armor.


The ALAIR model is a simple one piece design w/ included insert and bolt features.


The ODST Shoulder was not featured in the Beta but I decided to add it to this set. The ODST Shoulder is a simple one piece design with all necessary insert features and bolt threadings. The ODST Shoulder is printable without supports.


The VIATOR Plate is the largest plate in the set and features a multi-part design in order to ensure you can easily print/sand/paint the different accents. Contains all the necessary inserts to secure to the base arm armor.


VITUS is another single part design with all necessary inserts and bolt threadings required to secure to the base arm armor.



Here we can see both the left and right base armor pieces as well as all shoulder pieces except for VIATOR (I'm fixing up my 3D printer right now so I haven't finished it yet). I'm still working on my Emile Helmet so I havent gone too far into the painting process on these, but am extremely happy to see how well everything mixes and matches.


What Next?

If you are looking to create you own models like this one feel free to checkout all of my tutorials on 3D modeling and prop making techniques.

If you are looking to purchase the model so that you can print your own you can find it in the store.

Lastly, make sure to check back in every once in a while to see what I've been working on

Thank you for your time


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