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Mace of Smiting

melee weapon (simple, mace)

  • Category: Items

  • Damage: 1d6

  • Damage Type: Bludgeoning

  • Item Rarity: Rare

  • Modifiers: Melee Attacks +1, Melee Damage +1

  • Weight: 4

You gain a +1 bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls made with this Magic Weapon. The bonus increases to +3 when you use the mace to Attack a Construct.

When you roll a 20 on an Attack roll made with this weapon, the target takes an extra 2d6 bludgeoning damage, or an extra 4d6 bludgeoning damage if it's a Construct. If a Construct has 25 Hit Points or fewer after taking this damage, it is destroyed.


Major Features

Slide-On Assembled Hilt

The hilt pieces all slide onto one singular peg piece so that each piece can be easily printed, sanded and painted.

Slide-In Assembled Head

The flanges of the mace all slide into the head for easy printing and assembly. Properly toleranced so no sanding needed, just minimal support removal from the Flanges themselves.

Alignment Pegs

The Shaft of the Mace features alignment pegs to connect the head of the mace and the hilt to the shaft for easy glueing.



Unfortunately, I have not yet gotten around to printing this model myself, but if you decide to make yourself a badass prop for your next D&D session, feel free to send me pictures of your builds to stick in here!


What Next?

If you are looking to create you own models like this one feel free to checkout all of my tutorials on 3D modeling and prop making techniques.

If you are looking to purchase the model so that you can print your own you can find it in the store.

Lastly, make sure to check back in every once in a while to see what I've been working on

Thank you for your time

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