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If you enjoy my design philosophy and how I approach multi-part 3D print models, but find that I haven't modeled some of your favorite weapons/armor, then you are in luck. I am now taking design commissions where I will design a prop of your choosing with your build capabilities and design considerations in mind. 

Listed below are the rough prices you can expect for different props.

Helmets 250-300$

Props (guns/swords/etc) 50-200$

Easy to Print

My props feature seamless, glueless multi-part designs that ensure they will be the easiest to print, paint, and assemble. 

Side by Side.png


I go over as much source material as possible to ensure the models end up looking like exactly how you remember them.

Rakshasa Collage.png


My prints are made to be customizable even after you finish them. Do you want working railing systems, bolt assisted attachment systems, screw on barrel attachments? I can support whatever unique features you want to add to your prop

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 10.20.13 AM.png


What's better than a detailed prop, a working one! Want mag releases, sliding receivers, adjustable stocks? I can help add those to ensure you get exactly the prop you want. 

Screenshot (11)_edited.jpg
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