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How to make reusable, mirrored visors

Updated: Jun 1

One of the most complicated part of any Halo cosplay is certainly the Visor. You want the mirrored anonymity that can give you that classic SPARTAN look but how do you start?

I myself have experimented with vacuum forming and even resin casted visors. While all these methods have their advantages when it comes to complicated visor geometries like we sometimes see in the Halo universe, they can still have incredible learning curves. In a lot of my recent helmets I have come up with a solution for the all experience levels. I have started employing an easy-change visor system that allows one to to insert flat plastic sheets with a sandwiched, mirrored tint layer to make for a nonpermanent but highly secure visor that provides high visibility out and no visibility in.

This allows for the tint to be easily removed and replaced without having to worry about any adhesives for tint fastening or plastic sheet fastening. It also allows you to place patterns/HUD elements in between the plastic sheets as well

Watch the video for an in depth tutorial and description of the system used on my Commando Helmet build.

If you are curious about the sheets I use/recommend you can find them below

As for the mirror tint I use, I used the ones at the link below


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