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ODST AAP-01 Mod Kit Build Guide

TI've been experimenting with the idea of branching off into airsoft modification kits for a long time and Im proud to introduce my first airsoft modification kit: The ODST AAP-01 Mod Kit.

The ODST Mod Kit is an easy to print, easy to assemble, cosmetic mod kit for the AAP-01 airsoft pistol that requires no additional hardware to the stock AAP-01 frame. As someone with no previous airsoft experience, I can say that this is a perfect project for beginners!

For a full write up of all the features you can find them listed on the main product page.

This Build Guide will list the following:

  • Require materials to complete the project

  • Assembly videos to walk you through the assembly process

  • Recommendations for Print Settings/Orientations for certain pieces

Any additional questions you have concerning the building of this rifle can be sent directly to me via the contact page on my website

Build Requirements

A standard 3D printer such as an Ender 3. Most printers should be able to print this prop without slicing

Laser Attachment Requirements

Assembly Instructions:

This tutorial is broken into 3 separate parts

Laser Assembly

- This will showcase how to build the underbarrel laser attachment

Mod Kit Assembly & Installation

- This will showcase how to assemble the AAP-O1 ODST Mod Kit

Laser Assembly

In order to give a high level diagram of how the circuit works, the video shows how all the components will attach in order to complete the Laser Circuit

Some tools you may need for the Laser Attachment Assembly include: Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Strippers, Soldering Iron, Hot Glue Gun

Attaching the laser diode

The First step in constructing the Laser Attachment is attaching the laser diode.

Attach the Laser Shroud over the top of the laser diode.

Feed the wires through the Laser Attachment Body

I recommend adding a drop of hot glue to the opening and then pulling the laser attachment through the body via the wires. This will ensure that the laser is glued in place. You may also want to add a small amount of glueto ensure the Laser Shroud stays flush against the Laser Attachment Body

Attaching the On/Off Button

The Second Step in constructing the Laser Attachment is attaching the On/Off button and soldering the Laser Diode to the On/Off Button

First Insert the On/Off Button into the Laser Attachment Body. By using the threads of the button you can actually screw-in the button for a secure fit that will ensure the button will not fall out of the body with no need for glue. Additionally, the button can be screwed-out at a later time if requried.

Next we need to prep the Laser Diode wires and the tabs. Shorten and Tin the wires and the tabs on the On/Off buttons. Taping the wires out of the way can help when Tinning the Tabs on the On/Off button

Solder the Red Wire to any tab on the On/Off switch

Attaching the Lithium Battery

The Final Step in Assmebling the Laser Attachment is incorporating the Lithium Battery

Before inserting the Lithium Battery Case w/ Lithium Battery, ensure that the switch is set to On

Shorten and Tin the wires from the Battery Case

Solder the Red Wire from the Lithium Battery to the other tab on the On/Off Button

Solder the Black Wires from the Laser Diode to the Black Wire of the Lithium Battery Case

As a bonus, you can wrap the exposed wire in electrical tape and tuck it into the body to ensure it doesn't short itself against the exposed tabs of the On/Off Button

You should now have a completed, underbarrell Laser Attachment!

Mod Kit Assembly & Installation

With the Laser Attachment Assmebled, we are ready to assemble the full front assembly and install the Mod Kit onto the AAP-01. Follow the videos below in order to finish the installation of the ODST Mod Kit

The Laser Attachment and the Hand Guard halves all slide into the bottom of the suppressor.

The Rear Sight can be added at any time and the Hand Guard Base must be installed before the installation of the suppressor/hand guard

In order to install the completed suppressor on the AAP-01, you must first remove the orange barrel tip and the front sight.

Next, you can install the suppressor over the front of the AAP-01. Secure the bottom of the Hand Guard to the Hand Guard Base near the base of the grip.

Secure the suppressor by reinstalling the front sight to the barrel of the AAP-01, this will prevent the suppressor from sliding or rotating.

After all that you should have a compeleted AAP-01!! You may want to use the sights to properly align your laser sight as it may need some slight adjustments that can be glued in place

General Printing Tips

I have a few printing tips to give on certain pieces to ensure that you get the best print quality. These are just recommendation and are by no means the only way that these parts can be printed.

Some pieces are not pre-oriented so you will have to adjust them to ensure they are in an orientation more optimally for printing (flat surfaces touching the build plate). Additionally, for pieces that have no ideal flat surface, I highly recommend using the Cylindric Custom Support downloadable plug-in for the Ultimaker Cura Slicer. It allows you to place custom supports on parts to ensure that you can get much safer and reliable prints on parts with odd geometries. Some of the examples below will show these custom supports, you will need to add them, or something similar to your own prints.

Assuming you have good print adhesion, I would recommen only using skirts when printing these pieces and avoiding brims/rafts

Optimal Print Orientation

The Suppressor is the least straight forward piece. There is a flat face in the rear of the suppressor that will align all the overalls at 90 degrees over the build plate and will ensure that all the details will be preserved on all faces of the model. Because the rear is pretty small, a couple of small custom supports will ensure that the suppressor is printable in this near vertical orientation. While you could print it vertically on the front face you would lose quality on some of the front details if printed this way.

Additionally, you can apply support blocker to the inside of the suppressor cavity.

The rear sight can be placed on the front face for printing

The Handguard base can be printed on its bottom face.

The handguards can be printed on their inside face

The flashlight can be printed on its bottom face. Some support blockers can be applied to the inside cavity that accomodates the laser diode and its wires.

Feel free to email me pictures of your builds and I'll showcase them here!

I hope you found this build guide helpful, if you have any questions at all feel free to contact me using the contact page on my website

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