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Princess Bubblegum's Crown

What better way to prepare for Adventure Time: Distant Lands: Obsidian than making yourself PB's crown and getting yourself a vampire girlfriend. Well, I can help with only one of those things but who knows? Maybe the former will help you achieve the latter.

TBH who doesn't want to strut around in nothing but a blue robe and crown? Now you too can prance around wearing the crown of our favorite serial kidnapper turned lovable goofball with the most tragic of backstories.


Major Features


The Crown itself is one singular piece with round edges at the bottom as to not agitate your forehead as well aesthetic purposes. No Supports needed and the large base should lend itself to good bed adhesion.

Jewel with Resin Mold

The Jewel comes with a compatible mold shell to allow for easy mold creation and resin casting. As always, remember the below values represent the exact values of the mold/casting but you'll need to mix slightly more to account for resin and rubber left behind on the cup, mixing stick, etc.

Combined Gem Volume: 3.6 mL

Combined Gem Rubber Mold Volume: 10 mL

Sizing Ring

The sizing ring is essentially the bottom of the crown sliced off, it allows you to print a quick base that you can try on to ensure the crown fits, you can scale it as you wish. Note that while you shouldn't encounter any problems with scaling uniformly or non-uniformly, just remember to scale the jewel (and their mold shell if you are resin casting) to the same dimensions.

This means when you load the jewel into your slicer

scale them first

then you can reorient them for printing



Overall, this was a really quick and easy print. If you started with resin casting the jewel, you could print the crown while the rubber mold hardened and sand/paint the crown while the resin cast cured. I didn't optimize my build order but was still able to crank this out in something like 4 days on my spare time.

Above you can see my typical resin casting process.

1: I printed the Gem Plug and the Gem Mold Shell. Next I sanded the Gem Plug smooth and placed into the shell and glued them both to a flat piece of cardboard with a bit of pvc cement

2: I pour in some OOMOO 30

3: Once the rubber hardens, I make my resin mixture with my desired dye and place it in my vacuum chamber to degas it.

4: Once the bubbles disappear, I pour the contents into the mold


When dealing with such a small amount of resin and rubber, make sure to be very careful and exact with you ratios. Without a very careful hand, small mistakes can have big effects on the ratio. I noticed that I must have not used enough hardener on the resin because it took longer to cure than it has in the past

Next, I took my electric hand sander and went to town on the crown. I used a black filament for the crown since it was the only thing I had available. Since I used black filament it was a lot easier to see spots that still needed sanding as sanded areas would appear gray while layers that had not yet been touched would retain their shiny black color. Once I was satisfied that I had gotten the entire crown generally smooth, I went over the whole thing with Bondo to get the last layers/bits. Once I sanded the Bondo it was time to paint

I started off by painting the bottom and letting that dry to allow me to paint the rest normally. I went with a couple layers of Rust-oleum metallic line of paints as I obviously wanted a gold look and this specific line of paints is already designed to fill in small holes/imperfections so you are left a very smooth finish. Lastly I applied some clear coat, which I polished with a electric car buffer and some scratch remover cream.


What Next?

If you are looking to create you own models like this one feel free to checkout all of my tutorials on 3D modeling and prop making techniques.

If you are looking to purchase the model so that you can print your own you can find it in the store.

Lastly, make sure to check back in every once in a while to see what I've been working on

Thank you for your time

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