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Major Features


Modular/Functional Design

My STA-52 model comes with over 50 parts to allow for an easily printable, sandable, and paintable prop. All of those pieces have been toleranced appropriately as to need little to no sanding before assembly. Each part of the rifle has been sliced so that there are no visible seams in the finished rifle that needs to be welded/sanded.


Magnetic Magazine

The rear dual drum magazine comes with a forward a rear cap that can house a 2x20mm disc magnet. This will allow for multiple magazines to be printed and "reloaded".

Additionally, there is a vertical slot in the Rear Grip Top.stl that allows for a 2x20mm disc magnet to be dropped in and pair with the forward magnet in the magazine.

Lastly, there is a circular slot in the Rifle Stock 2 Magnet Holder.stl that will allow for the magnet to be inserted into the stock to pair with the rear magnet in the magazine.

The entire rifle is sized assuming that the bullets in the magazine are 5.56 rounds. The Magazine is toleranced to fit 5.56 rounds, and an STL for the bullets is included for those who want to print all 50 rounds (This is how many I could fit in the rifle, I know it may not be game-accurate).


Movable Trigger

The Trigger housing utilizes rubber bands to allow the trigger to be pulled and snapped back in place. The trigger has a physical stop to ensure it always defaults to the forward position. There is a vertical alignment block that allows multiple pieces to be put together, but adds the additional functionality of acting as half of the trigger axel housing to allow for the free rotation of the trigger.


Multiple Railing Systems

There are functional side railings on the rifle body as well as a large central railing that many of the large body pieces slide onto. This will ensure the whole rifle fits together securely.



This prop was a commission for a client and all the features you see were either requested or are just a natural process of my build process. If you want to bring you favorite weapon/armor to life, contact me for a quote!

Show off your builds!

If you have a build of any of my models, I want to se them! Email me pics of your completed builds and I'll offer you discount codes for your next purchase!

I post these photos to my instagram @aguilarworkshop. DM me if you'd like to be featured!

STA-52 - Killzone

SKU: 41
  • None of my models may be resold as digital files or physical recreations/prints. If you would like to sell casts/reproductions/modifications of my models, contact me and we can discuss a partnership.

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