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Elden Ring Amber Medallions

After all, who wouldn't want to boost their IRL stats?

I haven't spent 90 hours on a single game in a while, let alone in the first week or two after release. With that being said, I have had some fun shifting my modeling focus from Halo to Elden Ring for the past couple of months (still got some backlogged helmets on the way, so dont worry).

These medallions ended up being more than I bargained for when I ended up taking my first steps into the world of Blender to spruce them up a bit and give them some Elden Ring Texture.

I familiarized myself with creating new materials, sculpting STLs and STL file size optimization to make for a higher quality prop that will hopefully lead to some real exciting projects in the coming weeks.


Major Features

Build your own Medallion

In order to minimize file size and maximize customization options, this model comes built around a standardized Gem/Body design. The main body is printed separately and the center design can be swapped in and out to make for different medallions. Additionally, all models are designed to fit the standardized gem model. Because of this, the +2 version of the model had to be made a little larger to fit the numerous gems. If you decide to print a +2 version, the center designs must be printed at 133% scale in order to scale up and fit inside the larger medallion body

Smooth vs Textured Options

For those of you who like to do as much work on the printer as possible, I learned a bit of blender to give a "hand-forged metal", style texture to the center designs and the outer bodies. For those of you that prefer cleaner looking props or would like to do your own texturing by hand, I included clean versions of the files.



I haven't started my own build of this build just yet, but I am pondering doing a limited run of physical releases for this prop.


What Next?

If you are looking to create you own models like this one feel free to checkout all of my tutorials on 3D modeling and prop making techniques.

If you are looking to purchase the model so that you can print your own you can find it in the store.

Lastly, make sure to check back in every once in a while to see what I've been working on

Thank you for your time


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