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Rakshasa Armor Core

The RAKSHASA is versatile, easy to maintain, and comfortable to wear for extend periods of time. Critical advantages for long-duration remote operations in hostile environments or your local convention.

This project was a natural evolution from my previous suit, Halo 3: ODST's Battle Armor. The Rakshasa Armor Core also heavily features a strap and buckle based rigging system that I stayed faithful to in my design so that the rigging possible with each component matches how it appears in-game as faithfully as possible.

What this eventually lead to was an armor that was extremely secure and comfortable. I don't have to constantly stop to readjust pieces or pull them tight. Like MJOLNIR armor is supposed to feel, this armor feels like a second skin.


Major Features

Fully Integrated Rigging System

Every piece of armor in this set comes with channels to accommodate large nylon straps and elastic bands. Those straps combined with Velcro or hard plastic buckles, makes for secure armor that can easily be donned or doffed without external assistance. Additionally, most major components are comprised of singular large pieces making replacement and customization quick and easy.

This model set comes with several tutorial videos that show how I personally set up all the straps and buckles on my suit to make for a secure and comfortable armor that you will be able to build off of in your own builds.

Ergonomic, Personalized Fit

Each piece of armor was designed to have a smooth, contoured interior. Each piece contours to the body in a way that ensures each piece is comfortable, secure, and flexible. Additionally, each piece is designed such that it can be independently scaled in all 3 axes to ensure that the armor would fit all body types.

Lastly, the major components of this armor all come with quick-to-print sizing rings that will let you know how large each piece will be relative to your frame. The armor itself is scaled to a 5'10" height, so you can start by scaling to your height and then adjusting from there.


The Torso Assembly is comprised of four major components: the chest plate, the cod piece, the back harness, and the lumbar/tailbone plate.

Chest Plate:

The chest plate is comprised of two major components: The breast plate and the abdominal plate. Both of which are two singular large pieces that are attached via 3 hidden channels that can be secured via straps, zip ties, etc. This makes for secure but flexible connection that is held tight to the torso by the 4 external strap channels that lead to the back harness.

Below is a video that shows how I rigged the entire chest assembly for use in my own armor.

The torso features an internal plate that comes with two options. A clean plate and a plate that features attachment points for future armor customizations that I will be modeling in the future. Additional attachment points show up on the sides that have a dedicated internal plate cover when not in use. All these attachment points are meant to allow for bolts, zip ties, or straps to pass through to attach additional hard/soft elements such as UA attachments or pouches/equipment.

Lastly, hanging off the front of the breastplate are two functional buckle assemblies with a removable buckle insert. Pressing on the bottom of the assembly, releases the buckle insert.

For those who want a simpler build process, there is a clean breast plate that removes the internal plate feature and comes a singular easy-to-print plate. There is also a solid buckle assembly that attaches to the armor.


The back harness features 4 external strap attachment points for the chest plate to attach to.

Cod Piece:

The codpiece is comprised of a longer central plate with two flexible wings on either side. The wings are attached by a functional print-in-place hinge. There are locking pegs to attach the wings and central plate into a secure, flexible assembly. All pieces features loops for the wings and central groin plate in order to secure the entire cod piece to the lower harness rigging.

Lumbar/Tail Plate:

The lumbar plate has a large internal cavity where the entire lower harness can be housed. There is a large channel to pass the main belt of the Rakshasa armor core. The tail plate is separate and can be attached via additional strap support.


The arm assembly is comprised of the shoulder plate mounting system, the forearm plate and the hand armor plates.

Shoulder Plate Mounting System:

The shoulder plate mounting system features a mechanical locking system to allow for fully customizable shoulder plates. I will eventually release a full customization set with every available Rakshasa armor customization and they will be compatible with this shoulder system.

The below video shows how the shoulders can be easily replaced in the field.

Additionally, the mounting base for the shoulder plates features 3 internal channels: two to attach to the arms and a vertical strap to help keep the entire assembly up on the arm. In my personal experience the two arm straps are more than enough to keep the shoulders in place when utilizing grippy elastic bands and Velcro.

Forearm Plate and Hand Plates:

The Forearm plate is comprised of one main plate, and a small wrist cuff that locks into place. The fore arm plate is meant to be held in place by a large elastic strap as it appears in-game.

The hand plates are comprised of one main hand plate and 5 different knuckle guards. The knuckle guards will need to be glued to your gloves but the main hand guard has strap loops to be able to sew/attach the hand guard to the gloves of your choice.

The below video shows how the forearm assembly fits together and how the straps are incorporated. Additionally I show how I utilize the handguard.

Leg Assembly:

The Leg assembly is comprised of the thigh armor, calf armor, kneepads and armored boots.

Thigh Armor:

The thigh armor is comprised of one large singular shell with one small lower strap arm in the rear glute. The lower strap arm connects to the main shell via paracord on one end and connects to the front of the thigh shell via an elastic strap channel that makes a flexible band that hugs the lower thigh. Alongside that, there is a large channel in the main body of the thigh through which a strap can be passed through for an additional thigh connection or to connect the thigh to the lower harness to help keep the thigh shell up. Lastly, there is a small front channel to allow for the cosmetic strap shown in-game.

Calf Armor:

The Calf armor plate is a singular piece that slips over the foot and sits snugly around the calf. A lower strap channel allows the entire shell to be secured to the leg similar to a shin-guard for sports. Lastly there is a rear strap channel that allows for the accent strap that appears in-game.

Knee Pads:

The knee pad is a simple plate with an internal strap channel large enough for two separate straps in order to make a firm connection about the knee.

Armored Boots:

There are two major options for the armored boot: a fully enclosed boots including soles/treads, and a slip-on version of the booth that can be strapped onto some comfortable boots of your choice. Both versions attach to the boot/foot using a series of strap channels. The top of the boot attaches to the heel via an elastic band to fasten both around the boot. The armored toe has a series of forward channels and side channels to tighten it around the toe of the boot and pulled tight against the back of the boot. Lastly, both boots feature toe spikes that attach via a freely rotating rod that has a limited range of motion to allow the toe spikes to rotate upward but not downward.

Lastly, the fully enclosed boot comes with molds that will create hard rubber versions of the soles to protect the rest of the 3d printed boot from the ground.



Apologies to my ODST set, but this has quickly become my new favorite armor set due to how easy it is to put on and how comfortable it is to wear. The armor looks and feels great and with endless customization possibilities it is bound to have loads of personality. I'm sure as I see other people's builds, no two builds will be exactly the same Next I will be painting the entire suit to give it some much needed personality.


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