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*Armor does not come with Helmet or Mk50 Sidekick, those can be found separately on my store.

This armor has more features and options than I can list here in full.


For a full overview of the armor with many more pictures and videos visit the Build Guide



Fully Integrated Rigging System:

Every piece in this armor comes with some sort of mechanical connection or strap accommodation to allow for the entire suit to be integrated into a rigging system to be comforably worn over an undersuit of your choice. Included in the model set are many video tutorials on how I did the rigging for my armor.


Comfortable Fit

Most pieces in this set are large singular pieces that are strapped to the body with small accent pieces. This makes for a very secure reliable armor set. Each piece is designed such that it can be independently scaled in each axis to fit any body type. All major pieces come with a sizing tool that can be printed to help give an accurate feel for how the armor will fit your body before you commit to a 1-2 day print.

Torso Features:

The torso comes with a removable internal plate system to allow for different armor customization integration. This will allow for you to incoporate the full set of armor customization once I release them later in this year.

The breast plate flexes with the abdominal plate and features two functional mechanical buckles in front. There are simplified plates for both the breast plate and the buckles.

The Torso also features a flexible cod piece and a lumbar pad that acts as the anchor point for the entire lower harness rigging assembly.


There is a back harness that anchors the chest plate to the body with four different straps.

There are many video tutorials on how to attach all the pieces to each other and to the body included with the model set.


Arm Features:

The shoulder plates in this set are fully removable and customizable. Future shoulder pads will be made available in the future and for now only include default shoulder pads. No magnets or glue are needed, the connection is completely mechanical/printable. The Shoulder has 3 different internal strap channels to ensure it is secure about the shoulder


The forearm plate is comprised of a large singular plate with a wrist cuff that locks it into place. It is intended to be kept in place with an external elastic band as it appears in-game.


There is hand armor with additional strap accomodation to allow you to fasten the armor to your gloves. Knuckle guards will need to be glued.


Leg Features:

The thigh shell is kept in place by a lower strap arm that is fastened vai paracord as it is in-game. Additionally there is a large internal strap through which you can attach the thigh shell to the belt/lower harness on the torso. Extensive video tutorials appear in the file set.


The shin guards are a simple one-piece design with a rear strap to fasten it to the leg.

The knee pads feature an internal strap channel large enough to hold two separate elastic straps.


The armored boots have two separate versions, a fully enclosed boot complete with rubber soles and molds; and a slip-on version that are compatible with any boot.


Additional Features:

This file set comes with extensive written and video instructions. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at


Personalized Commission:

This armor set was a commission for a customer. If you have a commission you would like to see done. Contact me!



Rakshasa Armor Core

SKU: 58
  • None of my models may be resold as digital files or physical recreations/prints. If you would like to sell casts/reproductions/modifications of my models, contact me and we can discuss a partnership.

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