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Constellation Suit Includes:

Constellation Helmet

Constellation Boost Pack

Constellation Chest Rig


Functional Backpack

The removable Boost Pack features a removable magnetic cover so that you can open it up and use it for storage! There is an optional mesh floor that can be printed and inserted into the back pack to make it easy to store all your loot!
All thrusters on the boost pack are open so that if you wish to add any thruster affects to the top or bottom thrusters, you can!
The Boost Pack utilizes printable screws that attach it to the mounting plate on the back of the Chest Rig, so it can be removed or added at any time.


There is a seperate version of the Boost Pack included that allows it to be printed as a standalone backpack!


Semi-Rigid Construction

Just as they appear in-game, the connection modules in the shoulder "straps" are comprised of all rigid elements with free-axis pivot points to allow for multiple degrees of rotational freedom. This allows for a flexible, comfortable sholder strap comprised of solid elements.


There are printable tools included to help create leather pads to the bottom of each connection module.


Each module is connected to the next via M3 nuts and bolts. Links in the build guide.


For the front anchor module, a strap cover similar to that seen in-game is included and can be printed in TPU to allow for a flexible element that covers up the required nylon strap connection. More details in the build guide.


The Chest Plate and Abdominal Plate feature a pivot joint that allows for the chest rig to be pulled securely to the chest. 


The Abdominal Plate/lower buckles and the boost pack mounting plate feature slots for nylon straps.


Easy to Print & Assemble Design

The Constellation Suit features a seamless multi-part design that makes for a much easier printing, painting and assembly experience. The entire suit can be assembled without the need for glue so you can test your final built before using any permanent adhesion methods.


Instructions for assembly included in the build guide!


Electronics Compatability 

The Constellation Helmet comes with built-in speaker support as well as overhead flashlight attachment capability. All electronics can fit inside the hollow body of the flashlight or be channeled into the body through its hollow attachment rail. The flashlight is sized to be compatible with 4 standard LED bulbs.


Multiple Visor Options

The base visor model as well as a printable buck is included in the file set. The buck also includes several options for larger/smaller printers.


Ergonomic Custom Fit

There are a number of sizing options available with this helmet as well. There are several sizing ring options that can help you size the helmet perfectly to your head. Instructions for this process can be found in the Build Guide


Dedicated Build guide:
All video instructions, tips, product lists/hyperlinks and photos can be found here

Constellation Suit

SKU: 80
  • None of my models may be resold as digital files or physical recreations/prints. If you would like to sell casts/reproductions/modifications of my models, contact me and we can discuss a partnership.

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