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Major Features


Embedded Blade and Hilt

As with most of my sword designs, I allow the blade and hilt to slot into the handle. This makes for a much stronger print that is far less likely to snap in half. Had I left the blade or hilt attached to the hand guard, it may be easier to print as a single print, but it introduces a large stress concentration at the meeting point. This stress concentration coinciding with whatever your infill decides to do, can easily cause a hilt to snap off in your hand.


An additional advantage of the embedded blade and hilt design, is that it is far easier to paint their individual colors without the need for painters tape. Similarly, aligning the pieces together doesn't require some clamp wizardry during the glueing process.


Pommel Skull

The pommel of this sword is a skull in that classic adventure time style. The pommel is threaded to match the hilt, so it does screw cleanly onto the hilt.


Hand Guard

For the sake of ease of printing and assembly, the hand guard is all one piece. This means when painting the iris and pupil of the eye, you're probably going to want to use a steady hand or painters tape, just be aware.


If you would like to download demo versions of any of my models, you can find them here​​​​​​​


You can read more about this model and my experience building it here.


All my models are designed with a focus on hidden seams, ease of assembly, little to no support printing, and accuracy in mind.


If you need any help with the printing or building process, or you just have a prop you would like to see me do, feel free to email me.



Jake's Sword

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  • None of my models may be resold as digital files or physical recreations/prints. If you would like to sell casts/reproductions/modifications of my models, contact me and we can discuss a partnership.

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