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Customizable, Upgradable Design

The Lynel Bow Set comes with all the pieces needed to build the Lynel Bow, Mighty Lynel Bow, and Savage Lynel Bow.
These three bows were designed with common components such as the central ring/grip and bow arms. This allows you to upgrade from the Lynel Bow all the way to the Savage Lynel Bow. 


All blades types are compatible with all bracket/pins. This allows you to mix and match the pieces to make your bow look exactly like you want!


Seamless Construction

The Lynel Bow can be assembled without the need for any glue so that you can fully assemble and see your final bow before you begin your finishing processes.


The build guide has pages of written instructions, videos, and pictures as well as part lists and tips to ensure that this is one of the easiest props you have ever put together!

Lynel Bow Set

SKU: 71
  • None of my models may be resold as digital files or physical recreations/prints. If you would like to sell casts/reproductions/modifications of my models, contact me and we can discuss a partnership.

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