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Major Features


Slip on Design

The head of the mace was all designed around a 1 inch core, so that all the pieces can just be slipped on for easy glueing and alignment. While the core is included, I chose 1 inch so that it can also be substituted out for a PVC pipe, wooden dowel, etc.


Seamless, Easy to Print, Easy to Paint

One of the best things about this model is that all the pieces are simple and easy to print. You should have no issues printing this without supports which cuts down dramatically on the post-processing time usually required with removing supports and sanding the area to which the support was attached. Similarly, this allows you to easily paint each individual piece its respective color without the need for painters tape. Lastly, you can see that there are no unnatural seams cutting across the middle of a part, making for a much more appealing prop without the labor intensive required to fill and sand away such seams.


If you would like to download demo versions of any of my models, you can find them here​​​​​​​


You can read more about this model and my experience building it here.


All my models are designed with a focus on hidden seams, ease of assembly, little to no support printing, and accuracy in mind.


If you need any help with the printing or building process, or you just have a prop you would like to see me do, feel free to email me.



Vestal's Mace - Hand of Light

SKU: 11
  • None of my models may be resold as digital files or physical recreations/prints. If you would like to sell casts/reproductions/modifications of my models, contact me and we can discuss a partnership.

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