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Functioning Trick Weapon

The Burial Blade Scythe Trick Weapon, features a functioning elbow joint as well as magnetic sword-to-scythe attachment features at the top of the Scythe.

The only hardware required to for the Burial Blade is six 20mm x 3mm neodymium disk magnets. Two Magnets are inserted into the top of the Scythe Shaft (there are four holes but just pick one side to place the magnets in) while another two insert into the "sword" grip. There are printable shims, to insert on top of the magnets to hide the magnet insert and prevent the magnets from popping out (you will have to glue the shims in place)


*This video is from a prototype, that is why you dont see certain textures/details that appear in the finished model. That is also why I taped the shims in place and one of the shims stick out a bit.*


For the elbow joint of the scythe shaft, one magnet fits into the inner joint and another fits into the outer joint. This works in conjunction with a hard-stop to ensure the shaft is secured and rigid when in the extended position. The elbow joint rotates around a 3D printable pin that connects the two joint mechanisms.


Easy-to-Print, Easy-to-Assemble

All pieces on the burial blade were designed to be printable on an Ender 3 in an effort to accommodate a majority of hobby printers.


All pieces feature standardized alignment pegs that can be used to be perfectly glue or 3D weld the various pieces together. I would recommend printing these pegs at slightly higher infill than the rest of the print and using a strong adhesive such as super glue to ensure you dont have any flexture about any of the seams.

All the seams can be covered by bandages/wrapping. The in-game weapons heavily feature these soft fabric elements, so feel free to add that pleasing textural/soft element to your props.


Companion Weapon to Gehrman's Blunderbuss

If you like this model, make sure to check out Gehrman's Blunderbuss here, my fully functional model of Gehrman's famous trick weapon.


Commission Piece

The Burial Blade and Gehrman's Blunderbuss were both part of a custom commission for a client. If you have a weapon or armor prop you want to see brought to life, contact me at where we can discuss how to give your favorite props the detail and functionality they deserve.

As most of my commissioned pieces end up being sold in my store as well, the price of commission is likely lower than you'd expect!

Burial Blade - Bloodborne

SKU: 52
  • None of my models may be resold as digital files or physical recreations/prints. If you would like to sell casts/reproductions/modifications of my models, contact me and we can discuss a partnership.

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