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Major Features

Due to the character limit, this is a heavily abbrieviated description of the ODST Battle Armor

For a full description and videos of all the features  visit the following link


Intuitive Rigging System

Every piece of armor on this suit connects to a strap-based rigging system that ensures that you wear your armor rather than your armor wearing you. Each piece is secured in multiple places by nylon straps and buckles to ensure that every piece of armor is secure, comfortable and adjustable. Additionally, each piece can easily be donned and doffed without external assistance.

Video tutorials of how I rigged my entire suit can be found here


Ergonomic, Personalized Fit

Each piece of armor was designed to have a smooth, form-fitting interior. Each piece contours to the body in a way that ensures each piece is comfortable, secure, and flexible. Additionally, each piece is designed such that it can be independently scaled in all 3 axes to ensure that the armor would fit all body types.

Lastly, many of the armor pieces feature a two part "clam shell" design that close around the extremities to ensure that the armor does not have to be oversized in order to fit things like hands and feet through.

Now lets move on to each piece of the armor individually, to take a look at all the features.


Plate Carrier Armored Torso

The Plate Carrier comes in 4 Major Pieces, the Chest Plate, the Core Pack, the Rib Plates and the Kidney Plates. All four of these components are fastened with dual 1 inch nylon strap to form a singular secure armored vest. By utilizing strap, the vest can be adjusted for the best fit and is highly flexible.


Forearms and Shoulders

The Forearms and Shoulders form their own rigging assembly that attaches securely to the arms while each side connects to the other via central cross strap that forms a yoke that rests on the neck prevents the entire assembly from slipping down the arms.

The shoulders flex with the movement of the arm and the forearms utilize a two part "clam shell" to fit around the forearm.


*Shoulder Customization Update*

Mickey and Romeo's shoulders have been added to make for 9 unique shoulder combos


Armored Waist/Belt

The Armored Waist Assembly is comprised of a Belt, Hip Plates, Cod Plate, Tail Plate and Grenades.

All these components feature a channel for a nylon strap to connect everything into one singular utility belt. The thigh armor is also meant to hang from this strap via the opening in the hip plates. This allows for the loading to be evenly distributed across the waist and make the suit wearable for longer periods

Leg Armor

The legs have three distinct sections, the thighs, shins/calves, and boots.

The thighs feature inner pegs to accomodate an inner mesh/foam sleeve. Additionally the thighs have two functional buckles to allow for holsters/pouches/etc.

The shin and calf armor come together in another "clam shell" design, so that you can put your boots on before adorning the armor. The armor sits on the boot in addition to being fastened to the leg via a strap below the knee.

The knee cap is separately printable and is interchangeable

The boots include a Toe/Heel brace that come together around the boot via elastic bands.




Helmet Sold Seperately and can be found here


SMG Sold Seperately and can be found here


Each major subset of the armor can be purchased seperately for those who want to upgrade specific portions of their armor. Follow the links below to find those listings and read more in depth about each subset.

Shoulders and Forearms

Armored Plate Carrier

Utility Belt/Waist


If you need any help with the printing or building process, or you just have a prop you would like to see me do, feel free to email me.

ODST Battle Armor

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