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**This is part of a larger set of ODST Battle Armor

The Full Set as well as links to the other seperate components can be found here**


Major Features


Leg Armor

Thighs: The thighs are broken up into two parts to allow it to more easily fit onto hobby printers.


The top piece of the thigh features a top central channel that allows the entire thigh to be fastened to the belt above it. This would be hidden by the hip plate that it fastens to.


If one wants to also have the soft internal thigh sleeve, there is a series of internal knobs that can hold that sleeve in place.


Lastly, each thigh shell features two spots for external buckles. These buckles have a function clip that can be inserted and taken out at will. This allows for one to attach any number of holsters, pouches, etc. to the outside of the thigh shell.


The lower part of the thigh shell, should be printed first to determine how wide you should scale the thighs if necessary. I personally had to scale the thighs up in the x and y direction to allow myself to put on the lower thigh shell and still bend my leg. Once that fits, the upper thigh shell can be printed at those same scales to ensure it will fit on the leg.


Shins & Calves: The Shin/Calf armor is broken into a two part "Clam Shell" design, that allows the wearer to put on their boots first and attach the armor around the leg afterwards.


The Shin Plate sits on top of two pivot points and hinges onto the Calf armor. It is then secured with two locking keys near the knee cap and an internal strap underneath the calf.


The Shin Plate also features a separate knee base that locks the Knee Cap in place using a locking peg. This ensures that the shin and knee pad are more easily printable/paintable. Additionally, this opens up the future for customizable knee pads.


The Calf Armor sits on top of the user's boot and has an internal strap underneath the knee that holds the whole lower leg armor in place.


Boots: This Battle Armor also features an armored toe and heel plate that can be held together with elastic bands, and snapped around the boot.

The armored toe also has some side channels to allow for vertical straps through which to place your boot.



If you need any help with the printing or building process, or you just have a prop you would like to see me do, feel free to email me.

ODST Battle Armor - Legs

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