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Easy to Print & Assemble Design

The Locus Helmet helmet is one of the most geometrically complex of the legacy Halo helmets. Because of this I utilized a multi-part, pin locked design. 

The Up-Armored Face Plate as well as Neck Seal are both magnetically attached (or attached via custom clips).


Instructions for assembly as well as a large collection of pictures/videos included in the build guide!


Multiple Visor Options

This helmet historically has no visor and relies on internal optical sensors/camera for the users vision, but to simplify things I included two different visor options.

There are two bucks included for vacuum forming, one for a small more concealed visor between the UA plate and the Face plate, and a second buck if it is desired to make the entire UA plate itself a visor.
To keep the original look, you can experiement with a matte metal finish rather than chrome on your vacuum formed visor

Fan/Speaker Compatability 

The Locus Helmet comes with built-in side speaker support as well as  side fan/ventilation compatability. All can be powered via additional storage space in the Side Vents behind of the fan housing


There are multiple functional vents around the helmet as well as a nasal opening to prevent visor fog and help un-obscure your voice.



Side Attachment Suite

The following attachments are included and compatible with this helmet via the attachment ports and attachment rails.






Purrrfect Audio


Dedicated Build guide:
All video instructions, tips, product lists/hyperlinks and photos can be found here

Locus Helmet

SKU: 86
  • None of my models may be resold as digital files or physical recreations/prints. If you would like to sell casts/reproductions/modifications of my models, contact me and we can discuss a partnership.

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